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Vaccination Requirements for Cats and Dogs at Mahon House

To ensure the safety and health of all pets staying at or visiting Mahon House, we have established strict vaccination requirements. All cats and dogs must have been fully vaccinated within the last 12 months, in accordance with the standards set by the licensing authority.

The vaccination certificate must include protection against the following diseases:
- Canine distemper
- Infectious canine hepatitis
- Leptospirosis
- Canine parvovirus

We strongly recommend vaccination for Kennel Cough, although it is not mandatory. However, please be aware that no dog is allowed to enter our kennels if the Kennel Cough vaccine has been administered within 2 weeks prior to the drop-off date. This precaution is in place to prevent the potential spread of the disease to other boarders.

The vaccination certificate must cover protection against:
- Infectious feline enteritis
- Feline respiratory disease

When bringing your pets to us, please ensure that you have the vaccination certificate in your possession. If you happen to misplace the paperwork, your veterinarian can provide you with a duplicate.

Note: If your pet's vaccinations have lapsed, it may be necessary to restart the vaccination process, which typically involves two injections administered two to three weeks apart. We strongly advise you to review your pet's vaccination status well in advance of any planned stay to allow sufficient time for vaccination if needed. Your pet's health and the health of others in our care are our top priorities.

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